When things get complicated

When things get complicated

Patients can have faith in their dental surgeon

One of the most common dental surgeries is the extraction of wisdom teeth. This is a relatively straightforward procedure but things can get a little complicated when the tooth is impacted. This means it’s hidden under the gum line and can be difficult to extract.

However, it’s essential that these teeth are removed. If left untreated, they may cause a number of issues. A common problem is infection in the gums which can be painful and occasionally serious. In cases where the wisdom teeth have partially erupted through the gums, the possibility of infection is very high. It’s impossible for patients to effectively clean these teeth—it leads to infection which can, in turn, lead to painful pockets in the gums.

Each case is different and we are happy to explain exactly what’s happening to our patients. X-rays clearly show the position of the teeth and informs us if the extraction is going to be easy or a little more challenging. Our patients are informed of their condition and fully consulted about all treatment options.

As dental surgeons, we’re very aware of how nervous some patients can be about surgery. That’s why we offer a number of options in regard to anaesthesia. Some patients simply opt for gas sedation—commonly referred to as happy gas—while others prefer the usual blocking anaesthetic. Patients with a severe phobia always have the option of a general anaesthetic so they have no knowledge of the procedure and absolutely no pain. They simply go to sleep and awake when the dental surgery is completed.

The most important thing is to have open lines of communication between dentist and patient. We know how confronting the idea of dental surgery can be to some people. One of the best ways to overcome that fear—no matter what type of procedure—is for the patient to fully understand their situation and how the solution will be achieved. We have found that taking the time to explain the surgery to our patients goes a long way in minimising their fear.

And the results are immediate. Painful, long-term problems are eliminated and quality of life is improved. The first reaction to the news that dental surgery is required is a little fear, a dose of trepidation and a lot of unnecessary worry. After the surgery, the most common response is, ‘Why did I wait so long to get this done?’

If you feel pain or suspect that something is wrong, just talk to your dentist. Even if the worst case scenario should eventuate, your dentist will explain all and take no action until you are comfortable. Just remember, for every problem, there’s a solution. After all, we are here to help!

We warmly invite you to contact our friendly reception staff to make an appointment to assess your oral health and if necessary, discuss your dental surgery needs.

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