New generation dentures

New generation dentures

Dentures that are natural looking and comfortable

Dentures have come a long way since the days of Granddad’s false teeth. For years we have had the message that you need to keep your teeth at all costs because false teeth can interfere with your lifestyle—both your ability to look good and to enjoy food. But improvements in technology have changed this.

Modern dentures look incredibly natural. At our clinic we can match for colour, shade and shape so that the dentures fit seamlessly into the mouth. They look like they have always been there.

New technology has changed the way we deliver this dental solution to the patient. We work with what we have – we use some of the teeth that remain in the patient’s mouth as an anchor for the dentures. If the patient doesn’t have any teeth at all, we can use implants as a stable base and put the dentures over the top. The dentures are still removable, as they have always been, but they have a base —the denture clicks onto the base and it’s very stable.

Another change to technology is that, these days, you don’t need to go to a separate clinic to get fitted out for dentures. We used to have dental prosthetic staff working on dentures, often externally, but these days the dentist conducts this work in house. It’s all part of the job, as it should be.

Despite the fact that they are prosthetic teeth, modern dentures are, actually, really comfortable—especially with the new materials we use these days. They are still false teeth, and patients need to know that they will feel somewhat different to their old teeth, but we’re trying to make them as comfortable and as realistic as we can.

Dentures don’t just fall out any more, they are well designed to stay put even during the chewing of food and grinding of teeth. The use of new sorts of plastics to construct them has improved their function as well as their appearance. That said, it’s important to avoid certain foods—like really chewy steak, for example—because they have been designed to be removed, and with rigorous use they run the risk of coming out unannounced.

Contrary to common belief, dentures are really easy to clean. They’re easier to clean than natural teeth, actually – just a bit of normal brush twice a day, and then keep them in a solution provided by the dentist. We provide patients with some tablets to dissolve in water, and we suggest you keep them in this solution overnight. It’s a really easy process.

New generation dentures are very close to the real thing, and they are comfortable and convenient. While we dentists will always suggest that you look after your teeth as best you can, if you need to get artificial teeth at some stage in life, for whatever reason, you can do so safe in the knowledge that neither the procedure at the denture clinic, nor the dentures themselves, are going to ruin your lifestyle

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