Improving your look with veneers

Improving your look with veneers

Veneers create dramatic results

Veneers can help you improve the look of your teeth where you’re unhappy with them. They are a thin shell of porcelain that is bonded to the front of the natural teeth. Where there is a very small misalignment of the teeth, veneers can help correct it, but more importantly, if a patient is not satisfied with the appearance, colour and shade of the teeth, we can fix this with porcelain veneers.

The use of porcelain is fairly new in dentistry. Back when I was in dental school, more than a decade ago, it wasn’t common at all. But with modern technology we can make them and ensure the shade is a very good match for the neighbouring teeth.

The results achieved with porcelain veneers are quite dramatic. You can see this for yourself when you switch on the television—most of the actors you see have veneers. They make a big difference to a smile. Many patients are motivated by big events—like weddings—to make this change. And it really does make a difference.

Patients often wonder if veneers are needed throughout the whole mouth, or whether we can use the technology for just one tooth. The fact is, if you’re keen to change the whole appearance of your smile, it is better to get them across a set of teeth, usually up the front. We suggest around four to six teeth at the same time, particularly if you desire a change to the overall shape of your teeth and smile. This is what we have found works best when we’re working with veneers—at the very least they need to cover all the front teeth.

Maintenance is particularly important with veneers—like any other dental prosthesis. With proper care, patients are likely to enjoy many years of use from their new porcelain veneers. Unfortunately, certain situations may occasionally occur that may mean a patient needs replacement work done on their veneers, but they usually last a long time when cared for properly.

Brush your porcelain veneers just as you would brush the rest of your teeth. Brushing and flossing is all that is required—and don’t brush with too much force. Avoid chewing excessively on hard foods with your veneers. I also recommend that people with veneers wear a custom-made mouth guard when playing sport—and if you grind your teeth, use an overnight occlusional splint so that you don’t chip or wear down the porcelain.

Porcelain veneers provide more than just a cosmetic benefit. They actually protect the teeth, because they provide coverings for teeth that may be broken or damaged. As long as you take care of them, they continue to look good, but it is possible to get their colour adjusted over time.

There are often tears in patients’ eyes when they see their new porcelain veneers—some just can’t believe what is possible. Getting veneers can be a big change, but it represents a fresh start and a new found confidence for many of my patients.

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