Dental Rescue Day – Providing healthy smiles for disadvantaged Australians

Dr Reza Issapour from Gumdale Dentists and Central Dentists Brighton

The Australian Dental Health Foundation’s (ADHF) mission is to address the inequality between those Australians who can access the dental care they need, and those who can’t. Through initiatives such as the Dental Rescue Day program, pro bono dental treatment is provided to disadvantaged patients by generous volunteer dentists.

In June, two Dental Rescue Days (DRDs) were held in Brisbane at Gumdale Dentists and Central Dentists Brighton. ADAQ Member Dr Reza Issapour and his team volunteered their time and skills to provide dental care to patients who were referred by supporting charities.

Dr Issapour first got involved with volunteering in 2015 and since then has held over 10 DRDs at his practice.

‘I believe we are privileged to become a dentist. Doing volunteer dental jobs is the least we can do to pay back to our community who supported us to be in this position. The sense of appreciation from our patients who have not been lucky enough to afford dental treatments is something that makes Dental Rescue Day different than our everyday routine’, said Dr Issapour.

Over the years, Dr Issapour has been able to repair the smiles of many disadvantaged Australians, but one patient, Rob, who came to a DRD session in 2017 left him with a memorable moment. Rob came in with most of his possessions, which was the clothes that he was wearing. All he owned was the set of clothes and a guitar. “Seeing Rob walk out with a smile despite his hardship felt very rewarding. It is one of the reasons I continue to volunteer with ADHF”, added Dr Issapour.

While there is a growing number of dentists doing volunteer work, some dentists might not know where to start. Dr Issapour’s suggestion for dentists who want to hold a Dental Rescue Day is to join up with a practice which has held a DRD before volunteering their practice.

If you are interested in joining Dr Issapour for a Dental Rescue Day at one of his practices, get in touch with his team via email to info@centraldentistsbrighton.com.au or info@gumdaledentists.com.au.

For information about volunteering with the ADHF, please contact the Qlueensland State Coordinator Becky Mackenzie at adminqld@adhf.org.au.

Published by the Australian Dental Association (Queensland Branch): https://indd.adobe.com/view/cd955730-2766-4055-8794-bda3209c44de

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