Dental Implants, Are They A Good Option For Missing Teeth?

Dental Implants, Are They A Good Option For Missing Teeth?

Instead of merely covering over the space of missing teeth, implants replace the tooth roots and are covered by permanent or removable replacement teeth made to match the colour and spacing of your original teeth. These new teeth look and feel like your own teeth, fusing with the bone as a permanent and natural-looking solution in your mouth.

Why choose dental implants over other solutions?

There are a number of benefits that implants offer over dentures and bridges. They are permanently fixed in your mouth, so there is no danger they might slip out of place or cause your speech to slur.

While removable dentures can be uncomfortable, you won’t even realize dental implants are there – they actually become part of you as they fuse to your jawbone. This makes eating easier and improves your self-esteem with a natural smile you can be proud of.

What does the implant procedure require?

Unlike bridges, which rely on additional support, your implants will not alter any nearby teeth. Implants work best for those who have good overall oral and gum health with adequate bone in their jaws to support them.

Your procedure will require work between your dentist and periodontist who will consult with you about placing the implant. These implants can replace anywhere from one tooth to all of your teeth.

Depending on how many teeth are being replaced with implants, you may need to be on a soft food diet for several weeks while your mouth heals. Once the implants have stabilized and your mouth is healed, your new teeth will be permanently fixed in your mouth.

How do I know if need them?

Dental implants are a great option for someone with a healthy mouth who is missing one or more teeth. It is a permanent, hassle-free solution and won’t affect your other teeth.

Your dentist will encourage you to get the smallest procedure done that works for your situation. Call and schedule an appointment with your dentist today and get back to owning a confident smile!

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